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S O C I E T A S    M A C H I N A R V M
FTP Service

Societas Machinarum now hosts a small FTP server for our clients and the internet at large. If you have a user account at SocMal, you can request FTP access. What you upload to the FTP server is your responsibility.

To log in to the FTP server, you will need to use a client that supports encryption. We are not about to pass your login and password information over an insecure series of networks, after all. Such clients include lftp, cyberduck, and filezilla.

We do not encrypt data transfers, only the login information. Keep that in mind. Anonymous sessions aren't encrypted at all.

Anonymous FTP uploads

A little-known fact: anyone can upload to /incoming on our server, regardless of whether you have an account or are using an encrypted connection. You cannot however download from or list the contents of that directory. We have scripts that process uploads to /incoming, so if what you upload there is cool or has value, we'll share it. If it's stupid, we'll delete it (and possibly you).

If there is interest in such a thing, we might disable logging such that uploads to /incoming are truly anonymous.